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Birthdays, special occasions or events

Create your own campaign

A small act of kindness can do so much! Instead of gifts for your birthday this year, consider asking your friends and family to donate a small amount to a worthy cause. It's easy!

  1. Start a campaign on Facebook, Instagram, or with us.

  2. Share it with friends, family and colleagues. 

  3. Watch how a small gift can make a big difference!

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Follow our journey, raise awareness and make a world of difference

Show your support online

See a cause that really resonated with you, or read a story that stuck with you? Spread the love! Every share, like and comment helps to promote a number of worthy causes. You can join the conversation with a touch of a button.


Matching gifts and company fundraisers

See if the organisation you work for can help pay it forward

They say two heads are better than one, so why not band together? Some organisations have a Matching Gift program, and can match what you donate - making your contribution go further.

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