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Our Projects


Compassion Kitchen

Project Humanity's Compassion Kitchen is a movement which aims to provide disadvantaged families and children with nutritional home-cooked meals, made with locally sourced fresh ingredients.


Compassion Classrooms

Providing disadvantaged children the opportunity to learn core numeracy and literacy skills in the hopes to empower them, foster confidence and knowledge and help them lead better lives.


Coffee and Peppercorn Farming

Providing indigenous families the opportunity to live sustainably and strengthen their community and empower each other.


Compassion Homes

Building homes and providing shelter to the young, disabled and elderly.



Awarding academically gifted students from struggling families and disadvantaged circumstances the opportunity to learn, grow and continue with further education



Medical Assistance

Assisting those with medical conditions that need extra help to improve their quality of life.


Gift distribution

Distributing gift parcels to families and individuals in various impoverished areas of Vietnam.

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Philanthropic Mission Trips

Every few years, Mission Trips are conducted to visit remote villages and hand deliver gift parcels, to review areas needing support, and to visit PHAi’s existing projects.


Wheelchair Distribution

In partnership with Wheelchairs for Kids Australia, we're giving children freedom and helping them to rely less on their carers.

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