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Medical Assistance

Working Towards a Healthier Tomorrow

PHAi has funded 2 major open-heart surgeries, provided funding for a mental health case, and over 100 cataract surgeries.


In 2019, PHAi commenced sponsoring 43 children who required daily renal dialysis treatment. (Renal dialysis is a treatment that helps your kidneys continue to function when they have stopped working properly).  


These children come from struggling families who live in remote villages. They receive their dialysis treatment at the Children’s Hospital in HCM city, Vietnam. Approximately $100 AUD will assist a child to one month’s treatment.

In January 2020, Le Phan-Tran (PHAi Founder/ CEO) visited the children at the hospital, and shared, “It is heart breaking to see the children and their families struggle for financial support to continue the treatment. Without treatment, the children could die".  


During this visit, Le also visited the children’s cancer ward. The feeling was overwhelming to see so many children with cancer all at once. Due to the limited hospital space, the children were placed in the corridors, and had up to 8 children in one room.


We hope through PHAi, together with generous donors, to start an ongoing sponsorship program to support these children. No child should have to suffer like this.


If you have a compassion to help these sick children, we would love to hear from you.

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