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Lunar New Year 2021


Lunar New Year is a significant time for family gatherings. It’s for joyful dinners, celebrations and the gifting of red packets filled with money and well-wishes for a healthy and prosperous year ahead. 


Every year around Lunar New Year, Project Humanity Australia conducts a mission trip to Vietnam to distribute food and gift parcels to young children, the blind, people with disabilities, indigenous families living in remote locations and the elderly that don’t have access to essential necessities like rice, salt and sugar.


This year, COVID-19 has posed a unique challenge to our annual mission trip, and so Project Humanity Australia has launched a 2021 Lunar New Year campaign to spread hope and lend a helping hand to those in need. 


Who we’re helping

The elderly, blind and people with disabilities

People with disabilities, the chronically ill elderly and the blind make their living by selling raffle tickets on the streets, however due to COVID-19 restrictions throughout 2020 and 2021, they have been unable to continue this work, which makes Lunar New Year celebrations for them even harder.


Children attending our compassion classrooms

Lunar New Year is also a time when children receive gifts, but for the poor indigenous families of the 50 young children attending our Compassion Classrooms, this is not possible.


Indigenous families

Life is extremely harsh and difficult for the indigenous families that live approximately 6 hours drive north of Ho Chi Minh City, who live on whatever they can find and grow. In 2017, Project Humanity Australia funded a coffee and peppercorn plantation for the 32 indigenous families to work on, and early this year, the coffee plantation has its first harvest. We’re seeking donations to gift each family a parcel of the basic necessities including rice, sugar and salt so that they can also celebrate the Lunar New Year.


What your donations will do
Your donation will go directly towards:


  • Food parcels consisting of 10 kg rice, a box of noodles, 2 kg sugar, 1 kg salt, one bottle of fish or soy sauce, 1 kg dried fish and a sweet treat. 

  • Gift parcels for children consisting of shirts or sandals and sweet treats.

By donating, you’re helping Project Humanity Australia to deliver food staples, clothing and other gifts to our beneficiaries.


How to donate

You can donate directly via:
Bank transfer

Account Name: Project Humanity Australia Inc.

BSB: 066 118

Account Number: 1032 7868

Reference: YourNamePHAI





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