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Hello from the CEO

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

The 12th December 2021 will mark 10 years of Project Humanity Australia Inc. (PHAi). Reflecting on the 10 years, there are just so much I want to share with you, so much to be thankful for, so many amazing, unforgettable memorable times. It is beyond my imagination to think how much we have achieved in the 10 years as we started from the smallest idea inspired by Mother Teresa of Calcutta “ If you can’t feed one hundred people then feed just one”.

With this in mind, in May 2016, our first Compassion Kitchen, focusing on home-cooked meals, was opened to the blind, people with disabilities, elderly people and our Compassion Classroom children in Vietnam. To date over 90,000 meals have been lovingly provided. We’re looking forward to achieving 100,000 meals.

PHAi’s other projects include: Compassion Classrooms for children without birth certificates who cannot attend normal school; scholarships for academic gifted students; Compassion Homes, the distribution of wheelchairs for handicapped children; funding for medical expenses; Coffee and Peppercorn Plantation Farming; and Gift Distributions during crisis and special occasions such as Christmas and Lunar New Year. We understand these are the times for celebration, but to the vulnerable and disadvantage families, they are without food on the table.

Our latest Mission Trip occurred in February 2020, when we hand delivered 750 gift parcels to five remote villages in Vietnam. We felt this mission trip was a blessing as when we returned safely home, the news of COVID19 had started. We felt the gift parcels could not have come at a better time for the 750 families. Thanks be to God.

PHAi’s main source of income has been from the generous donors throughout Australia and funds raised during our National Fundraiser events. These funds allow PHAi to carefully completed PHAI’s above mentioned projects. PHAI is indebted to the hundreds of past and present volunteers for their tirelessly contributions. My heartfelt sincere gratitude to all.

COVID19 has prevented us from organising any fundraiser events. This has greatly impacted our financial position. I remember my emotional phone call in June 2020 to Fr Dom Liem to advise him that we may have to close our Compassion Kitchen as we are running out of funds, and Fr Dom’s immediate response was can we please not these are the only meals they have, as without these meals they will die from hunger. My heart was heavy and ached hearing Fr Dom’s words. I said to Fr Dom if you can please continue the next two months and we will find a way. I believe “faith moves mountain” thus, our prayers were answered when one morning of Friday 30th October 2020 I received a phone call from MCQ offering PHAI support. I believe MCQ was God’s send and I am so proud to announce MCQ as PHAI’s Premier Corporate Sponsor.

In other exciting news, PHAI will be hosting our 2nd Charity Ball at the Hyatt in Perth on Friday the 26th of November 2021. It is anticipated to be an unforgettable and memorable if not bigger and better than our Inaugural Charity Ball which was at the Novotel in November 2019. I look forward to your companionship and support.

Thank you for your valuable time in reading PHAI’s Newsletter. I hope to be sharing many more stories with you in our subsequent newsletters. Take care and stay blessed.

Yours sincerely, Le Thu Phan-Tran (CEO/ Founder)

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