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Your impact - December 2020 - May 2021


Project Humanity has fundraised $11,647 (December 2020 to May 2021). During this period, we ran successful campaigns such as:

  • The Lunar New Year Celebration: This campaign raised more than $3,000 AUD. In Asian cultures, this festivity is one of the most important times of the year to celebrate with family and friends. It's a time where everyone wishes to share happy moments with special meals, and because of our generous donors, our beneficiaries, they were able to participate in the Lunar New Year joy.

  • Compassion Kitchens: We raised more than $3,000 AUD for our Compassion Kitchen. This is an ongoing project where PHAi provides nutritious meals to the poor, elderly, disabled and unwell, in addition to children that are taught daily at PHAi's compassion classrooms.

  • Gift distribution to the poor and vulnerable: We raised more than $3,000 AUD. These gifts are distributed to provide to these people with a direct relief of basic food needs and delivers a package of essential food supplies (such as noodles, sugar, salt, cooking oil, dried fish) and some treats.


How we have used the funds to assist hundreds of people through our projects: 91% of our spending went to PHAi’s Charity projects.

These funds have supported:

  • Compassion Kitchen program: We provided 5,627 meals to the vulnerable people that attended to PHAi’s kitchens. This is one of our major projects, accounting for 39% of our charity distribution.

  • Gifts Distribution to the poor and disadvantaged.

  • Lunar New Year gifts distribution: We successfully delivered 224 gifts parcels through the height of COVID, and were able to fund this with $3,034 AUD.

  • Christmas gifts distribution: We delivered 183 gifts and it was funded with $2,176 AUD.

  • Gifts to the blind, disabled and elderly: We delivered 100 gift parcels, having special importance in a time of the year when there’s no festivities around but the needs are still there. It was funded with $1,184 AUD.

  • Gifts to the indigenous, and families working on coffee and peppercorn farming plantations. We delivered 82 gift parcels, encouraging the small community of hard-working families to continue their journey to gain confidence with their farming skills to support sustainable living. It was funded with $622 AUD.

  • Medical support: The mother of a little boy with testicular cancer approached PHAi for help. We have been able to provide assistance relief for the medical expenses on an initial appeal, and it was funded previously with $306 and $48 AUD for this period.

  • Administration and accountability: This has been essential to the day-to-day running of our work. During the last six months, this has accounted for 8.6% of PHAi’s expenditure.

Our actions matter, and together we have been able to make small but meaningful changes in the lives of those less fortunate.

Project Humanity Australia Inc. is proudly staffed 100% by volunteers

- Patricia Bruening, PHAi Board Treasurer

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