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Thank you from the Chairman

In this milestone year for Project Humanity there is much to celebrate, from our Compassion Kitchen outcomes and our targeted assistance throughout the last 12 months in a very difficult year for many, we give thanks.

We give thanks to our compassionate donors, many who donated for the first time, and others who are regular supporters, year in, year out, thank you.

It is also my pleasure to announce that MCQ Supermarket have become our Premier Corporate Sponsor on an ongoing basis, thank you to the owners, board and management of MCQ. Their thoughtful sponsorship will assist to us to continue to positively impact lives in profound ways.

Our volunteers, both here and abroad, do a mighty job, they are selfless, they are considerate, they care deeply, and get so much done, I applaud you and thank you.

The PHAi Board members and management team have been an enormous support in the last 12 months and without their wisdom and efforts we would not have made such an impact in people’s lives who are less fortunate than us, thank you.

Our values continue to be at the heart of everything we do at PHAi, Compassion, Hope & Charity. These are our ‘true north’, we consider them in everything we do, and everything we will continue to do.

I look forward to working with the board, management committee and volunteers over the next year, and hopefully I will see many of you at the PHAi Ball in November.

Kind regards,

Roy Barnett - PHAi Board Chairman

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